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Things to do in Bangkok: Thai massage

Things to do in Bangkok: Thai massage

If there is something common in all trips to Thailand this is the massages. Few travelers have visited the country and have returned without trying one of their different types of massages.

In Bangkok we will find massage parlors in every corner with really attractive prices. It is possible to enjoy a Thai massage of two hours for prices that are around 250 bath.

In addition to the local street, in the different hotels we will find spas according to the category of the hotel. Needless to say, prices on these can be shot up to the level we want.

Although we will find many types of massages, we will explain the three most classic and usual:

  • Traditional Thai massage: It is the most common massage in Thailand and we should give it a try. To us the truth that we did not like, is really painful and consists of stretching and crunching all parts of the body.
  • Foot Massage: Foot massage is a Thai massage applied only to the feet and part of the legs. There is a variety of foot massage that includes reflexology.
  • Massage with oil: It is the most relaxing and the most we liked. It is a massage all over the body including the head and is not excessively painful, although it depends largely on the masseur who takes care of it.

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